Dublin Airport and 5 Things Worth Knowing.

Since setting up shop at Dublin Airport, it’s been a bag of surprises and some. The things I’ve noticed that as a regular passenger I never knew before, and as a parent of small children would definitely want to know….so with my Good Samaritan hat on, I’ve noted down some of the more useful ones.


1. Friday and Saturday are busy days in terms of families traveling; you are more likely to have full flights and queues everywhere on those days – ticket desks, check in desks, and especially car rental desks. No big deal, but during busy season (school holidays, August Bank Holiday, Christmas) we are talking serious queues. If at all possible, try travelling on a Tuesday!

2. Car rental pick up yards are not in the least child friendly (at Dublin Airport anyway). Between queuing at the airport desk (see above), doing the paperwork, getting the shuttle to the yard and collecting the car it’s at least an hour. Just a suggestion, but you could leave little ones and parent at the airport play area (in terminal 1,it’s on level 3 and there’s a cafe, McDonald’s and toilets there too) while you pick up the car, then drive up to the departures ramp to collect them. Kids have had a play and are refreshed and parent remains sane!

3. if you are hiring a car, in 99% of cases you will have to get a shuttle bus to the car yard to collect the car. You can request to collect your car at the terminal – some companies will charge an extra fee, others won’t, but if you argue you’ve lots of bags and children and would greatly appreciate the extra customer service etc etc, I know some of the rental companies will do it for you.



4. Awkward shaped equipment such as prams and car seats are difficult for airlines to pack as they don’t stack easily and so often arrive at the destination damaged or broken… I would never again bring an expensive piece of equipment like a pram or a car seat on an airplane. Bring a cheap one where it doesn’t matter if it gets broken, buy or borrow when you arrive, or hire from a reputable baby company 😉

5. Dublin Airport has a concierge service especially for passengers travelling with young children. It’s called Airport Genie and they basically fast track you through security and help with your bags and children, all the way to your gate. (We’re working on including a stroller in the bundle too at the moment). Useful if you could do with an extra pair of hands.

7 thoughts on “Dublin Airport and 5 Things Worth Knowing.

  1. Great tips Olivia, esp. the Airport Genie. Could have done with it a few years ago when traveling on my own with kids. The Stroller is definitely a great idea, as it’s something i could have done with too. Travelling home to Germany, I had a buggy there and only needed one to get to the gate. Other airports should have them too, esp at arrival as one time i didn’t get my buggy until I was a baggage belt…and it was a long and heavy walk with a year old baby not really walking yet.
    Great ideas, thank you.

    1. Thanks Sylvia…I have plenty of inspiration from my two – we didn’t bring a stroller to Poland the last time because we didn’t think we’d need it once we got there. It turns out we needed it most before even taking off! We ended up carrying loads of hand luggage and had to walk to the far end of terminal 1 – NEVER AGAIN!

  2. What a great post it is Olivia! Your overall discussion is too good & more informative. The airport car services is more helpful for the people. I am glad to see your article on Dublin Airport services.

  3. Hi do you know can I bring on baby milk cartons (pre made) sealed ones ??or powder opened?? Or what way should i do it?? And can I bring enough for 5 days with me!!!???

    1. Hi Aisling, anything that you bring in your hand luggage – eg baby food, bottles etc you will be expected to open (regardless of seals etc) and taste at security, so there’s no point in bringing enough for 5 days as it’ll probably go off. If you have it in a checked bag, it might get through, but then again, they might open the bag and take them out, I’m less sure about what happens with checked luggage. I know that at many airports, you can pre-order baby food with Boots and collect it airside. I don’t actually know about Dublin airport, but I don’t see why not.

      Hope this helps,


  4. Hi Olivia,
    Thanks for your information, really helpful. I have 2 toddlers aged 3 & 4 and want to bring their car seats on A Ryanair Flight. If I’ve paid full price for their tickets, does the “2 pieces of baby equipment” still apply to them and not just infants ?

    Many thanks,


    1. Hi Ciara,

      Thanks for the comments – yes, you are still entitled to the 2 free items per child. Make sure to protect the car seats carefully (try bubble wrap)and check under the covers on arrival that they haven’t been cracked or damaged…. and if, by any chance one of them is damaged, make sure to file the claim at the desk in the baggage hall and keep all of your tickets / boarding cards etc…

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