Dublin Airport Family Services – 3 Things Every Parent Should Know!

So many of you were looking for information on assistance available at Dublin Airport, that I did a bit of investigating and I think you’ll be happy with what I’ve found…

1. The Concierge Service
This is dead handy particularly for those parents who are traveling alone with the kids, or who simply have their hands full. It works both ways – you can be met on arrival into Dublin at the air bridge and an assistant will help you through to arrivals landside, and vice versa – you will be met at departures check-in and assisted through security all the way to your gate, with stops for food and shopping of course! It costs €39.95 altogether for up to six people. Essentially it’s an extra pair of hands to help you through, but I’m working on persuading them to include a stroller in the offer – for those who think a stroller should be included, please voice your opinion in comments!
2. Family Lanes and Seating Areas Airside
So the good news is, there are ‘Family Lanes’ to get through security With a lane wide enough for a buggy to fit through and separate from the other passengers queueing to get through security in Terminal 1 who needs Fastrack?! These lanes are specifically for families with small children and cost nothing!
There are also new seating areas which are suitable for children – in terminal 1 it is beside Starbucks, with lots of space for children to play, a couple of toys, soft (fun) seating, RTE Junior on a big screen etc.
3. DAA Lounge Service (with Family Rooms)
I am so excited about this little life saver – both terminals have lounge areas with separate family rooms, where toddlers can play or tantrum to their heart’s content without disturbing fellow travellers! You pay €19.95 per person (no kiddie rates I’m afraid), but this does allow you access to the family room, and a self-service style kitchen stocked with juices, soft beverages, teas, coffees and two alcoholic drinks per adult (which is nice) and snacks such as fruit, croissants and cereals at breakfast, soup, crackers and cheeses at lunch etc. It’s away from the hustle and bustle of airside and the family room, while small, is clean, safe and virtually soundproof. It has a highchair, TV with kiddie videos (think Peppa Pig etc) toys, baby changing facilities etc. Sooooo worth considering if you’re early for your flight, or your flight is delayed. You can pre-book the lounge or pay at the door …all in all it’s a very nice way to get your holiday off to a stress free start.

The Stork Exchange are happy to offer customers a discount of 10% on all DAA customer service products mentioned above and other services including Fastrack, Executive Lounges etc You will receive a discount code with your booking confirmation. For further information on these products, check out http://www.dublinairport.com/home.aspx, or ask me!

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    1. Hi Ciara, the code was set up in 2014 so I hope it still works. They’ve revamped the booking system since then, but you can certainly try it – it’s STORK2014.

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