Halloween at Dublin Airport


Fair dues to the DAA, they have really made a good effort to get into the spirit of Halloween (pardon the pun). The entire airport is decked out in Halloween paraphernalia! Orange and black balloons fill the halls and every corner has a spider crawling through cobwebs or scary witches brewing spells in cauldrons. I took my kids on a little tour yesterday, admittedly we had nothing else to do, but it was pretty good fun.


On the whole subject of Halloween, I am like a child myself! I can’t wait to dress my kids up and go trick or treating. I often bemoan the fact that everybody buys costumes now instead of making them, myself included. Gone are the days of cutting holes in bed sheets or sticking ‘bones’ on bin liners. I was never very creative, but I do think home-made costumes are always remembered with fun and hilarity – like the time I made and dressed up as a McDonalds’ chips to my friend’s burger… not very ghoulish(erm, in the Halloween sense but the painted on ‘tomato ketchup did look like blood). I was so proud of myself… we even came second in the school talent show!

This year I heard of a communal neighbourhood garden, where the whole community comes together, builds a bonfire and everyone brings along a ‘pot of something’ to eat. They have a few fireworks, tell some ghost stories and generally do what you are supposed to do on Halloween.


Apparently though, Ballymun is really the best place in Dublin for organising community events around Halloween. They’re calling it ‘The Otherworld Festival’ and by all accounts it’s meant to be mental (in a fun way!)

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