Diluting Santa



I feel like a bit of a Scrooge here, but I’m gonna blog it anyway… Don’t you think having Santa on every street corner waters down the magic and makes him a little bit less believable? Last year my kids saw Santa four times before Christmas and the awful thing was that three of those four occasions were beyond my control. The creche, the school, and the supermarket all invited Santa to come visit. By the time we actually brought them “to see Santa”, any sense of awe and wonder was gone and really the kids were just waiting for their present. My daughter didn’t even cry… aren’t all kids supposed to cry when they see Santa, so overwhelmed are they by it all?

I suppose it does support the ‘you’d better be good, Santa is watching’ argument, given his omnipresence it certainly feels that way. It’s like the way Hallmarks has sucked Valentine’s Day dry of romance, but worse, because Valentine’s Day never had the magic to begin with. The ubiquitous Grotto commercializes an already commercialized holiday by taking away the expectation of Santa, the mystery of Santa, the scary, magic of Santa and replacing it with the expectation of sitting on some bearded guy’s knee and getting a present. And on the subject of beards… isn’t there some sort of Santa School, where to qualify you at least have to have a genuine white beard? Most of these pretenders are at best a fire hazard.

Well meaning as they are, I don’t want the creche or school inviting Santa to see the kids, or the supermarket or the shopping centres. Ba humbug as I know I sound, I am going to keep my kids away from all things Grotto this year, in an effort to bring back some of the magic of Christmas… maybe we’ll visit some reindeers instead. End of Rant!

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