Travelling Ryanair with Small Children?

All airlines have different policies regarding flying with infants and small children and the carriage of equipment such as strollers and car seats. Here are 6 things every parent should know when travelling Ryanair with small children.

Travelling Ryanair with Small Children

1. You can bring two pieces of equipment free of charge, including items such as a fully collapsible pushchair / car seat / baby sling / travel cot. Additional items are charged at the rate of €10 each way or €20 each way if booked at airport. You cannot substitute a pram for a bag however, it must be a piece of baby equipment.

Our Tip: if you have a pushchair or anything where you need to separate chassis from the seat to collapse, use a pram bag. This will prevent pieces going missing in the aircraft hold and/or damage.

Use a pram bag for pushchairs with separate chassis
Use a pram bag for pushchairs with separate chassis

2. In the small print, Ryanair do not cover damage for “unsuitably packed” items (i.e putting the car seat in a bin liner is not considered suitably packed). They “strongly recommend” the use of travel bags for infant equipment.

Our Tip: We would strongly recommend you use travel bags for equipment, especially buggies and car seats. At least bubble wrap your equipment. We look after airline passengers whose equipment comes out damaged and it is more often than not a buggy that has been damaged, while car seats go AWOL! Check out our pram bags.

Made to measure pram bags offered by The Stork Exchange

3. Children under 2 years travelling in their own seat (ie not on your knee) must have an Amsafe Harness or an aircraft approved car seat. The seat will be marked FAA or TÜV-approved, or “For Use In Aircraft”. These are required items for travel but they are not provided by the airline, so make sure to organise them in advance of flying. We rent Amsafe harnesses.

Our Tip: Maxi Cosi have some great information on the safest way of traveling with a child seat on board.

AmSafe Harnesses offered by The Stork Exchange
AmSafe Harnesses offered by The Stork Exchange

4. Ryanair charge a fee of €20 (€40 return) for infants travelling on their parent’s knee. There’s no baggage allowance for the child, but parents are allowed a ‘baby bag’ (or a nappy bag) for nappies etc of up to 5kg.

Tip: Pack all your nappies in the pram bag – it’ll give the pram extra padding and protection and give you more space in the baby bag.

5. You can use your pram up to the gate, but always make sure to collapse it for ground handling staff and tidy away any loose straps.

6. If you check in on-line prior to arriving at the airport, don’t forget to have your pram or equipment tagged on arrival at the airport. especially if you are bringing the pram to the gate. If you don’t there is no record of the equipment on the flight and if it doesn’t arrive, or arrives damaged a) there’s no way for the airline to track it #needleinahaystack, and b) making a claim for damage will be very difficult.

The airline has about turned in recent years on their customer service policies and if you find yourself travelling Ryanair with small children and babies, you will find staff helpful and conditions somewhat improved… but don’t expect bells and whistles, it’s not a complete renovation, more like a face-lift!

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168 thoughts on “Travelling Ryanair with Small Children?

    1. Can you tell me where Ryan air specify what counts as baby equipment. The only information I have found is that you are able to bring any baby equipment we need up to a maximum of 20kgs? I would have thought a bag full of nappies, wipes, formula, toys and baby clothes would count as baby equipment?

      1. Hi Katherine, you are allowed to bring a small ‘baby bag’ for nappies etc in addition to 2 pieces of equipment such as a pram and car seat. It’s on their website under FAQ
        “There is no cabin bag allowance for an infant (aged 8 days to 23 months) travelling on an adult’s lap; however a baby bag up to 5kg may be carried by the accompanying adult in addition to their own cabin bag allowance.”

        1. Hi, I’m trying to check in my 7 month old online but won’t let me. What shall I do? The date of birth not is just highlighted red when I’ve entered it and won’t let me continue to next page. Please help ASAP my flight is in the morning!!!!

        2. This question is referring to the additional baby luggage which can be purchased for £10 each way for up to 20kg on top of the standard allowance. What we need to know is can we purchase this and check in a bag with all our babies gear?!!

          Many thanks in advance

          1. Hi Andrew,

            Sorry, I’m not sure I understand the question… you are entitled to bring 2 free pieces of equipment and a small baby bag (nappy bag) for free. I don’t know anything about the additional baby luggage you mentioned. Presumably outside of the above mentioned allowances, you would have to purchase the standard check-in bags at the standard rates..does that answer your question?

          2. Hi Andrew, it’s pot luck, we travelled with our toddler recently, tagged our travel cot & buggy (2 free pieces of baby equipment) and purchased the extra baby equipment allowance (€10 each way) dublin airport Ryanair staff were great no problems, on the way back we were made pay an extra airport baggage charge for the bag with all the baby equipment! Unnecessary holiday stress where different airports have different views on what constitutes baby equipment !

          3. Thanks for the feedback Ariana – it’s true, there doesn’t seem to be a very clear set of rules…although I would say it’s not the airport, but the airline who dictate the terms of carriage, but it depends on staff on the day, I agree.

        3. Hi I’m due to travel with my 3 month old on Monday this question has probably been asked many times but I need to know for myself.
          We are only going for 3 nights so not checking in luggage me and my partner are taking 2 snall wheeled suitcases 1 for our stuff and the other for babies. We are then going to pack his changing bag with nappies bottles etc as part of the 5kg baby bag.
          Can we check the pushchair in for free at the bag drop even though we don’t have a hold luggage allowance and then just walk baby through in a sling save fussing around with the pram at the steps? Also our pram is the kind that folds flat not umbrella style is this OK. Ryanair are not very helpful and just keep reading the same script that is on the Internet about the 2 free items.

          1. Hi Samantha,

            Yes, you can check your buggy in at check in, most airlines prefer you do that – make sure you bag and tag it properly beforehand!

    2. Hi just wondering I Ave 3 month old & 4 yr old so I am bringing a buggy for both! The baby’s buggy is a pram 2 piece so jus wondering do I need 2 check this on with the luggage as it doesn’t completely fold down or can I bring it as far as the plane?

      1. Hi Cindy, some airlines specifically stipulate that only buggies that collapse in one piece are allowed to the gate, Ryanair doesn’t actually say. Whichever you chose, I’d make sure you get both pieces tagged and if at all possible, put the buggy in a bag so there’s more chance both pieces will arrive at the destination!

    3. Hi I am due to travel with Ryanir on Saturday with my 10 month old. I am bringing a pushchair and travel cot so I understand that these are my 2 free items but i am also bringing a travel cot mattress which folds in half and this fits in a bag with the travel cot, will I be charged extra for the mattress or will this be included as part of the travel cot?

      1. Hi Michelle, thanks for the enquiry. I know that if a buggy collapses into two parts, it’s still considered one piece of equipment, so I would imagine the travel cot and mattress is the same – it’s part of the cot. Especially if it’s in the same bag.
        Have a good trip,


  1. Oh that’s great to know , thank you, it’s our first time attempting to travel with our daughter so total novice so great to find this info


  2. Do you think we’re allowed to take the car seat all the way to the gate? We’ll only have a pram when we arrive at our destination, so we’re not sure where the little one will sleep whilst we wait at the airport.

      1. Hi Julien, Ryanair at Dublin Airport just said you can bring the car seat to the gate. I would add that unless it is airline approved you will then have to leave it at the aircraft steps to be loaded into the hold. Only airline approved car seats can go in to the cabin. The car seat should have a sticker on it that says whether it is or not. Hope that helps:)

        1. Thanks so much! I wasn’t expecting them to let me take the seat into the flight (unless I’d paid for it, like you said), but great news if we can take it to the gate. Might also avoid the car seat going missing or getting damaged!

          Thanks again for you help,


  3. I’m still confused. It’s clear about under 2 year old. What about a booster for 5 year old? Can this be checked in or carried to stairs and being left with buggies?

    1. Hi Magdalena, thanks for the enquiry. You should definitely get the car seat tagged at check-in regardless of whether your bring it to the gate or check it in. This is so it can be traced if it’s lost and a claim can be made if it’s damaged. When I spoke to Ryanair for the previous question, I didn”t specify any particular car seat, and the staff said it could be brought to the gate and left at the aircraft steps. I will double check, but I imagine you can… I’ll get back to you!

    2. Hi Magdalena, sorry for the delay – yes, you can bring your booster seat to the aircraft steps free of charge, however, I would advise that you have it, at the very least, bubble wrapped. Hope this helps:)

  4. Nice post. i have a pushchair that can be break up in 2 pieces: the wheels and the seat. Is it one or two pieces? Can I also bring a travelcot for free?


    1. Hi Dalida, if I were you I would pack the pram into a travel bag… apart from protection, it’ll keep everything together, the last thing you want is to arrive and only have the wheels! It would be counted as one item and you are allowed two so you could also bring the travel cot.

  5. Thanks for the valuable info. We are travelling in a few days with Ryan air together with our 20 months toddler. Besides the 5kg limit on it’s allowed cabin baggage, there are two sizes of cabin baggage RyanAir allows on board for adults: 55x40x20cm and 40x30x20cm. However besides the 5kg limit, which one should be considered max allowed by dimensions for him?


    1. Hi Antonis,thanks for the enquiry. Any infants under the age of 2 (or children who will not have their own ticket but travel on their parents knee) are only allowed 1 x 5kgs “nappy” bag… there is no additional bag allowed for him, unless you have bought a seat for him. Is that what you mean?

      1. Aham. Ok. Thanks for the info. So actually it’s nappy bag and not any bag. The information on RyanAir’s site is quite misguiding as it refers to bag, without further explanations. Thank you very much!

        1. I know, the website isn’t very clear so I always run up to the desk and ask the staff directly. Yes, a nappy bag / baby bag / bottle bag… is what they mean.
          I just added another point to that article after a customer almost lost a buggy of ours – don’t forget to get your pram tagged at the airport, even if you’ve already checked-in online. Believe me it’s very difficult to find a missing pram if there’s no tag on it!

        1. Hi Cheryl – I can’t really answer that, suffice to say – it’s Ryanair, so I would err on the side of small!

  6. Sorry I still don’t completely understand. I have 3 year old. I really need to take a pushchair for our city trip. Is this free?

    1. Hi Kaya, yes a pushchair is free. You are allowed two free pieces of baby equipment such as pushchair and travel cot, or pushchair and car seat… and you can use it to the gate, but do make sure to get it tagged or Ryanair don’t have any record of your buggy being on board and it makes it more complicated if it’s lost or damaged.
      Hope this clairifies:)

  7. Hi. I have purchased 2 tickets for my children aged 6 and 4 years. Can you tell me if I can take their car seats as we have booked a rental car at our destination. The car seats would need to go with the luggage and not on board. If so do you know the costs.
    Many thanks


    1. Hi Linda, you are entitled to bring two pieces of baby equipment free of charge, per child so you should have no trouble with two car seats. You will have to check them in to the hold, so make sure that you put them in some sort of protective cover, or bubble wrap them at the very least. You will probably need to check them in as outsize luggage but the staff will advise you on that. Even if you check your bags in on-line prior to arriving at the airport, do make sure to get the car seats tagged when you get there, or the airline has no record of carrying the equipment.
      Hope this helps,

  8. I am flying with a 3year old and a 1 year old. I know I can take a pushchair for the 1year old. Can I take a 2nd pushchair for my 3year old? So I would have 2 pushchairs?

    …also what are the rules regarding a double buggy? (So 1 pushchair with 2 seats to fit 2 children in?)

    1. Hi Michelle

      You can 2 pieces of equipment for free per child. It has to be baby equipment – eg pushchair / car seats etc and cannot be substituted with an extra bag etc, but you are allowed bring 2 pieces free. A double buggy is one piece of equipment.

  9. Hi there. I’m travelling with my 4 year old this summer and have just enquired on the online chat regarding taking a car seat and I’ve been informed it will cost £10 each way!! Far cheaper than hiring when away but confused as thought the first 2 items were free ?

    1. Hi Imogen,

      Yes, you are allowed 2 free items for free, so I am surprised by that comment. 2 free items are allowed and anything thereafter is charged at the rate of £10 each way. It does stipulate traveling with an infant, which is defined as 0 – 2 years and while I haven’t come across anyone being asked to pay ever, I will double check for you and let you know.

      1. Hi Imogen,

        I just double checked at the Ryanair desk and you are definitely entitled to 2 free pieces of baby equipment, regardless of the age of the child… it has to be baby equipment, ie pram / travel cot / car seat etc and can’t be substituted with anything else, but definitely 2 free pieces of equipment:)

        1. Hi I am flying out a week today with Ryanair I have a 6 year old and 2year old my 6 year old is autistic and has adhd so doubt he will be able to sit there for the 2 hours is it ok if he walks around a little bit?
          Also I have payed for a seat for my 2 year old so does this mean I can take a trunki weighing less than 10kg as hand luggage for him as well as his pram thanks x

          1. Hi Megan,
            Thanks for the enquiry. If you have paid for the seat, then you are entitled to the standard luggage allowance allocated to that seat / passenger regardless of their age. His pram is free as part of the 2 baby items for free.
            With regards to your 6 year old, I asked at the customer service desk and the Ryanair representative said, if you tell the staff at the gate, they will help you with boarding and the flight…and so long as the seatbelt sign is off, it’s fine to walk around. We have found Ryanair staff hugely helpful, and I am sure they will help you any way they can. Dublin Airport offer assistance and guidelines for passengers with autism on this page Hope this helps and have a lovely holiday.

  10. Hi,
    I have booked flights with Ryanair with 2 children – 5 months and 2 years old. I understand that I am allowed 2 pieces of infant equipment for free for my 5 month old but do you know if I can also take car seat / travel cot for free for my 2 year old?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Sandra,

      Yes, you are definitely allowed 2 free pieces of equipment per child, regardless of their age. It does have to be baby equipment – eg, car seat / cot / pram and you cannot substitute for anything else, but with your two children you may take 4 pieces of equipment for free.

  11. Hello,

    May I also ask.. When given the option of
    Purchasing extra 20kg allowance for babies or children for the price of £20 …coukd this just be a bag that is checked into the hold and contains the child’s clothes , nappies, toys etc? It doesn’t specify but if this is an option it’s a whole lot cheaper than buying extra adult luggage allowance.

  12. Hello, can you please let me know if a stroller is free even though it’s for a four year old and not a baby? Thanks, Lorraine.

    1. Hi Lorraine, yes buggies are free as part of the 2 free pieces of equipment. It doesn’t matter the age of the child, but you can’t substitute a pram for a bag, for example, it must be baby equipment. Don’t forget to have it tagged at check in, collapse it fully at the gate and preferably pack it in a bag.
      Hope this helps.

  13. Hi Olivia, great article, i have a new born as well, so i can bring a carry cot and a car seat for free as the carry cot or the car seat are part of the buggy??

    1. Hi Greg, same response as for Caroline! The pram frame with either the seat attachment/carrycot OR the car seat clicked into it, is considered as one item. You are allowed 2 free items, in this case your pram chassis with the carrycot is one, and the car seat is the second. Just be wary of putting them in the hold loose.

  14. Hi
    Your information is so helpful but again I have to clarify for myself with you. I am travelling with a 4mt old baby with Ryanair. My pushchair has a carseat as part of it is that classed as one item? Can I also bring a travelcot as my second free item?

    1. Hi Caroline, basically a chassis (pram frame) and either the seat attachment OR car seat clicked in to the chassis is considered one item. In which case you can also bring a travel cot. BUT a pushchair, car seat and travel cot are 3 items. I wouldn’t advise bringing too many separate parts as they are more likely to get lost / left behind or damaged unless you are going to pack them into a bag.

  15. hi i’m travelling with a 1yr old soon and was just wondering should i book priorty boarding,or just wait to check in, as ive never travelled with a child before and just freaking out about the whole process with a buggy and child!,its just small things like getting through security and boarding and carrying bags and pushing buggy have me freaking out…also should i take my own car seat that the child would be using to get to the airport,i have one booked with the car hire but in small print they have its availability is not guranteed…any advice would help 🙂

    1. Hi Sarah, don’t worry, so many people feel anxious about traveling with small children and more often than not it’s totally fine. I would say you probably don’t need to book priority boarding necessarily but just give yourself lots of time… more time then you normally would if it was just you on your own. An extra hour to get through at your own pace, allow for nappy changing and feeding etc… and kids generally love airports, it’s exciting, new, lots to look at etc
      You can bring a pram and a car seat and a nappy bag for your child and whatever cabin bag allowance you are given, but just keep in mind not to overload yourself with too many things. You’ll have to check the car seat in when you get to the airport if you bring it, so make sure you wrap it in bubble wrap and get it tagged at check in, actually get the pram tagged too, even if you use it to the gate – it means they are traceable etc etc. There is a separate buggy lane through security at Dublin Airport, so just look out for the buggy symbol and make sure to collapse the pram at the steps of the aircraft. And by the way, if you are traveling alone with a child, it’s really ok to ask for help!
      Car rental companies are notorious for bad car seats, but it depends on which company / where / time of year etc etc. Try calling them to double check? In our experience it’s the infant seats that they tend not to stock many of, and they generally will get a seat for you from somewhere even if they run out. Bear in mind they wont install the seat for you and the quality of their seats varies from brand new to absolutely awful.
      Hope this helps:)

  16. Hi Olivia.
    Re free car seats on Ryanair. Our children are three and four. Do you think we should get some sort of confirmation in advance before checking in the car seats? Can you recommend a number I could ring to discuss it with them?
    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    1. Hi Denis, I don’t have a number for Ryanair – I usually go straight to the desk with inquiries, but their website does state allowances for 2 pieces of equipment per child, and none of our customers have had any difficulty with that. My advice is that you do check the equipment in on arrival at the airport, whether it’s a car seat or a buggy, for the simple reason that it is tagged and logged on the flight manifest, and if there is any difficulty with damage or missing items at the destination airport, you have proof that it was actually on the flight.

  17. I read all the comments, but one question is not clear and i tried the Ryanair livechat also but am still confused. I am traveling with an infant who will sit on my knee, I am bringing my two free pieces of equipment ie. pushchair and carseat. The only thing is the carseat is big and bulky and I dont want to carry it through the airport to the plane, so the question is, will they take it off me at the bag drop area instead for free?

    1. Hi Joanna,
      Unless the car seat has an airline approved sticker on it, you will have to check it in at outsize luggage, you would not be allowed to bring it in to the cabin. That is considered part of the 2 free pieces of equipment so there wouldn’t be a charge.

  18. Hi do you know if I can travel with ryanair with my 3 kids aged 8, 6 & 3? Someone told me 3 kids is too many for one adult! I can’t get through to bloody ryanair

      1. Hi Robbie, we asked at the Ryanair customer service desk in terminal 1, Dublin Airport and those ratios are fine…it’s only where there are infants involved that it applies.

  19. Hi Olivia,

    Do you know if a baby back carrier counts as baby equipment and is therefore included for free?

    Thanks Tom

    1. Hi Tom, do you mean a baby sling? They would definitely be considered part of the two items for free… in fact I imagine the airlines would prefer passengers to use them as opposed to prams!

      1. Hi,

        Just to clarify your response here – our backpack carrier isn’t a sling – its a hard metal frame for hiking with our 2 year old on our backs … do you know if that would be counted as second piece of free baby equipment? (alongside a normal buggy)?

        Thank you!

        1. Hi Chloe, I’ve had other customers ask the same question and have checked in the baby/backpack carrier at Dublin Airport in no problem, so you should be fine. Double check at the local office just to be sure.

          1. I have a question about a baby under 6months.

            My baby will be 11 weeks when flying. I will need to use a bassinet style pram in which the baby lies flat. It collapses down to 2 parts but doesn’t lie flat. The part the baby lies in is still approx 1 foot deep (like a Moses basket). The website says fully collapsible. Is this considered collapsible enough? Can this be brought to the gate? Then bubble wrapped there before take off? Thanks.

          2. Hi Geraldine,

            The pram, even though it collapses into two pieces is considered as one, so don’t worry about that. I’m not sure about the carrycot though, as there are carrycots that do collapse fully and I know that some airlines, especially the American ones are getting stricter about that particular issue. I would double check with the Ryanair check in staff if I were you. Make sure you get the buggy tagged, as well as bubble wrap it – the staff at the gate can tag the pram for you.

  20. Hi there. I am traveling with my mum, 10, 8 and 4 year old from Dublin to Gatwick in October. I have booked the flight but I’m wondering is it really necessary to pay for reserved seating so we can sit together? Looks like it’s charging $10 extra (we are in US) per person each way, even for the kids! Do they usually try to seat kids with parents?


    1. Hi Claire, I’m not sure what happens if you don’t reserve seats together – I flew recently enough with Ryanair and my two kids, and we reserved our seats to make sure we were together… The staff are actually great and I’m sure they would try and seat families together but I imagine if the flight is full and you don’t book your seats that you may have difficulty getting seats together as other passengers will have booked theirs. I know they offer a family discount on allocated seating, sometimes up to 50% off… it’s not ideal, but Dublin / London is one of the busiest routes in the world weirdly, so if I were you, I would pre-book the seats.

  21. Hi Olivia ! we’ll fly with Ryanair next 27th August with our 1.5 th son. Do we have to use the pram bag? because my baby stroller is only one piece and can be folded (not into the smallest size, but still can be folded). Thanks

    1. Hi Rida, thanks for the enquiry. Pram bags are not compulsory, but “highly recommended” by Ryanair, so you don’t have to use one. The reason they recommend it, is that they tend to get damaged on the baggage belts and in the hold – harness’s tear, wheels snap off, bumper bars break… we see it everyday at Dublin airport with all the airlines. I would say it depends how valuable your pram is (if it’s a good pram, definitely use a bag) / could you manage without one temporarily if it is damaged / could you cover the cost of a replacement until the airline claim goes through?
      Do get the pram tagged at check in, even if you don’t have any check-in luggage… it means if the pram is lost, it’s much easier to trace / make a claim then if there’s no tag!

  22. Hi, I’m travelling with a 5 month old baby, using a pram bag for my push chair and i’m also bringing a travel cot. But the travel cot are 2 pieces, 1 bag with the metal frame and 1 bag with the matras. Is the matras and metal frame considered as 1 item?

    1. Hi Linn, apologies for the delay, I asked at the desk here at Dublin Airport and they said it is one item…. I think it may depend on the person at the desk though, so if you can strap them or bubble wrap them together, I would, just to be sure.

    1. Hi Jessica, I don’t see why not, they don’t specify what type of baby equipment so, as long as it’s part of the 2 free pieces, you should be allowed. A customer of ours took a pram and a highchair on a Ryanair flight… they were in a pram bag though, so I would advise you to bubble wrap it and you’ll have to check it in.

  23. Hi there,
    My husband & I are travelling Dublin to Italy with a three month old and wanted to check a few things please.
    I understand that two items are free & can be brought to the gate (We will bring the pram chassis & pram basket as these two items).
    If we bring our infant car seat how much does this cost and is it checked in with our main luggage?
    I understand that our baby travels on our lap but can you confirm do we pay any extra cost?
    Thank you

  24. Hi
    Just a query about travelling with an almost 3 year old. Do I need to use the Amsafe child restraint for him . He will be sitting in his own seat.
    PS excellent blog

    1. Hi Karena, thanks for getting in touch. You only need to use the harness when the child is under two and has their own seat, so you don’t need one:)

      Kind regards


    1. Hi Susan, I can’t see Ryanair allowing you bring a trike without charging… it’s not really classes as an essential piece of baby equipment, so if I were you I would check with customer service before bringing it to the airport. I would also imagine you’d need to pack it, I know you have to pack any kind of bike or they can refuse carriage. Let us know how you get on though, I’d be very interested to hear if you do get it through!

  25. Hi I’ll be traveling with with my 7 and 9 year old and a baby my older 2 are well use to flying just wondering is it going to be a problem with a baby as well

    1. Hi Sarah, thanks for the enquiry, I’m not sure I understand or can answer your question… why would there be a problem flying with a baby? Do you mean with the airline? Sorry, I don’t understand, can you clarify and I’ll try and answer.

  26. hi, iv read i can take 2 pieces of equipment for my child free so my buggy will go free, my son is 2 so has his own seat and baggage allowance but does this still apply if I take my buggy? meaning can i still take his suitcase and carry on bag aswell? im flying from Leeds and Bradford airport

    1. Hi Michelle, yes you can take two pieces of equipment for free, in addition to baggage allowance, which because you have purchased a seat for him is the same as for you… one cabin bag of certain weight and size for free.

  27. Hi there

    I have found your webpage very helpful indeed. Thanks very much.

    A question I have is whether or not I can squeeze nappies and a couple of toys in beside the travel cot and check it in as a free piece of equipment?

    Best wishes, Karen

    1. Hi Karen, thanks for the feedback! Soft toys and things like nappies and winter coats make great “padding” and extra protection around a travel cot / pram / car seat and generally the airlines don’t mind you doing that. It’s not in their terms and conditions but I wouldn’t go overboard and pack the entire suitcase in the travel bag either!

  28. Hi Olivia ! I’m travelling Bristol to Malaga next July with my 4yr and 2yr old. They will both have their own seats. Am I right in thinking they can sit straight into their seats like any adult , with no booster or car seat or strap things? Also their hand luggage allowance is the same as an adults is it? 20kg ? Plus I will be taking a hippy chick hip seat ( it’s a child carrier that goes around my waist). Can i take that straight onto the plane like a camera bag would ?

    1. Hi Claire, thanks for getting in touch. Yes you are correct, the children in their own seats don’t require any additional harness once they reach the age of two. And once you buy them their own seats, they have the regular luggage allowance, which is 15kgs for a checked bag and 10kgs for cabin bags. I’m not familiar with the hippy chick hip seat but you do have an additional 2 free items of baby equipment, which you could use for the hip seat and if it’s fairly compact you could bring it on the plane, just like a baby sling etc…
      Hope this helps

  29. Hi.
    We travel in 2 weeks with 7 month old twins. We’re taking a double pushchair which is one of the free items. So we have 3 items left.

    We’ve paid for one infant comfort seat, is there normal baggage allowance for that seat? I assume so as we’ve paid full adult fair. If not are you able to establish why as ryanair are quite unhelpful and each call handler says different things.

    Can we take jars / containers of baby food through security also?

    The hotel is providing travel cots but could we roll up two mattresses together for them as another free essential baby item?


    1. Hi Anna,

      Apologies, for the delay…I just wanted to double check with Ryanair about the luggage allowance before getting back to you. I asked if you could use the infant seat as normal luggage allowance first and they replied as follows:

      “Unfortunately not, she can add a second bag under her name or the other adult travelling with them.

      All the baby equipment should be checked in for free so she would be allowed to check in up to 2 items free per child so she would be allowed 4 items for free.” The double buggy and the mattresses can be checked in for free. I would advise you to get the buggy tagged at checkin, if you are going to use it up to the aircraft steps – better to have a record of it on the flight. Also make sure to collapse it fully for ground handling staff and tuck away / remoe any lose fittings as they tend to break easily.

      You can take baby food and bottles through security but you will be asked to taste them so it’s not worth bringing lots of new jars as you will have to break the seals… I would say enough to get you to your destination.

      Hope this helps and have a nice holiday!

  30. Hi Olivia,

    We’re travelling in March from POZ to STN with our two children: 7.5 and 2.5 y.o. For the younger one we’d like to take a kid carrier (not a sling – more like this one: Would you say this can go free INSTEAD of a pushchair (we’re not taking one)?
    I’m asking, because on their website, RYR is stating:
    “Yes you can bring any infant equipment you need. You can carry 2 items of baby equipment free of charge per child – 1 pushchair plus one of the following items: car seat or booster seat or travelcot.”
    It does look like they now specify what can you take, but I thought I’d ask you anyway =)

    1. Hi Piotr,

      I’m not 100% sure, but to be honest, I don’t imagine Ryanair would let that on for free, and you might also have to check it in, as opposed to bringing it to the gate with you. I can ask at Dublin Airport, but it doesn’t guarantee that at Poznan they will let it through – sorry, not a definitive answer for you! I’ll ask here anyway!

    2. Sorry, for an immediate follow-up, but Ryanair have replied on their FB page and confirmed I can take the carrier for free 🙂
      You can either delete my question or leave it for future use 🙂


  31. Hi, we will be flying Ryanair at the end of the month with our four month old. We are bringing our pram with the carrycot and a car seat. The plan is to check I the car seat and take pram to the steps of the plane. I’ve two questions, any tips on how to pack the car seat and the pram will fold down into 2 parts the chassis and the carrycot, is it OK to have 2 parts? Any help much appreciated.

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for the enquiry. A couple of things we can recommend – the very least you should do is bubble wrap the car seat and if you can stuff an extra jacket inside the seat for added protection great. You’ll need to check it in to outsize luggage, and while you are there you could ask about getting a tag for the pram, that way there’s a record of it on the airplane. Once you get to the gate with the pram, make sure you collapse it fully for ground handling staff, if the carrycot folds down too, great, if not, again pop any extra jackets or jumpers in there and put it in a plastic bag. Don’t leave any adaptors or raincovers or anything that can fall out in the shopping basket and try and tuck away harness straps etc …. Sounds like a lot, I know but we do see the ones that get damaged and the majority come out with tears – from where a harness has got caught and been pulled, soaking wet (I’ve no idea how) or with broken bumper bars / break peddles / handles, which you can’t do anything about. If your equipment does get damaged you need to report it immediately to the Ryanair desk in the baggage hall on arrival, and keep all your papers including boarding cards etc. They should cover the cost of damage. Oh, lastly, and I bet you’re sorry you asked me now, but make sure to check the car seat properly on arrival too – take a peak under the cover and look for cracks in the polystyrene and frame of the seat, it’s a piece of safety equipment so it’s vital it doesn’t receive any cracks or strains. Hope this helps!

      1. Hi, we will be travelling from Cork to Tenerife next week with Ryan Air. Will be putting the car seat inside a large bag to bag drop as one free baby equipment and using a fold up stroller to the gate. How much additional baby stuff can we get away adding as padding for the seat? Was planning to put our baby bjorn sling, a travel cube of baby clothes and some nappies in. Do Ryan Air check inside the bag and if they do, how do they determine what is acceptable to have added for padding. Have you ever known them to say it is too much? Also, if we bag dropped the stroller as well, are you able to use a sling onto the plane instead of would they look to charge for this? Thanks in anticipation

        1. Hi Becky, I’m afraid that it would probably be at the discretion of the staff if they allow you away with any extras you pack in with the car seat… so it’s a risk for you, having said that, you can argue you are padding the car seat to protect it which is entirely reasonable. I don’t think the baby sling counts. Airlines generally would prefer you to bag drop the equipment and use a sling to the gate, so I don’t imagine you’ll have any difficulty there. Hope this helps

  32. Hi,
    I am travelling Ryanair to Girona in the summer with my 4 & 6 year old. I understand I can take a car seat free of charge for both of them, my question is, do these need to be wrapped and bagged separately or would I be able to fit them both into one ‘pram bag’ for travel?
    Many thanks, leanne

    1. Hi Leanne, I would advise you to (bubble) wrap them separately, even if you do put them in the same bag. They are more likely to get damaged if they are in the same bag as they will bang against the other…unless they are tightly wrapped in the bag. If it’s a question of luggage allowance however, you are allowed to bring 2 free pieces of equipment per child, so you should be fine.

  33. Hello iv booked with ryanair to go to France with a 1 year old. I know I’m allowed to bring a 5kg bag and two free items for him but iv also paid for extra equipment up to 20kg, does this allow me to bring a suitcase of baby items? Any info is appreciated thank you.

    1. Hi Belinda, if you mean can you put baby items in the paid bag – you can put whatever you like in it!.. but you don’t get an additional free bag for baby items
      – one baby = 2 free baby equipment and a ‘nappy bag’ of 5kgs. That’s it. Unless you pay for another checked bag.

      Hope this helps,


  34. Hi Everyone,

    I will travel with my two infants (not twins but both under two) with two buggies plus baby cot of one of the buggies and a car seat. Two baby equipment free of charge is per baby or reservation? Thanks in advance

  35. Hi I’m travelling over to Luton in 3 weeks from Dublin. My little boy has just turned 2 and I had to reserve a seat for both myself and him. I no I’m allowed hand luggage of up to 10kg but is my son allowed any hand luggage and also I need to bring a stroller and a car seat. Can I still get these as 2 free equipment?

    So I’m asking can I bring both buggy, car seat and hand luggage for my 2 year old

    Thanks Deborah

    1. Hi Deborah, yes if you’ve bought him a seat he is entitled to hand luggage allocated to that seat, and the 2 free pieces of baby equipment.

      1. I have a newborn baby, and a five year old. I wish to bring a car seat and pushchair for the newborn which will be the two free items but can I bring a car seat also for my five year old free of charge, is he classed as an infant so also gets 2 items free himself or will that be classed as three items and I’ll be charged? Please advise! Thanks

        1. Hi Sarah, you’re entitled to two pieces of equipment per child, so you can bring the car seat for your older child as part of his / her free allowance. Just make sure to pack them safely and have them tagged at Departures check-in. I hope you’re not travelling on your own – that’s a lot to carry!
          Kind regards


  36. Hi,
    I’m travelling with a 2 and a half year old. I’m not sure if we need a car seat for him to sit in the seat on the plane or is he old enough to sit with just the normal airline seat belt? Its not clear if this is just optional if you want them to sit in a seat or if we are required to take one for him?

    1. Hi Amanda,

      No, your son doesn’t have to have a car seat on the aircraft, he is old enough to sit in the aircraft seat (from the age of two), so it’s not a requirement.
      Have a good flight!


  37. Hi, I’m flying from East Mids (not Dublin!) to France with Ryanair but came across this really helpful thread and hoped you could still help.

    We are flying with a 6 month old & have a bugaboo bee. We bought the travel bag which is huge and my husband doesn’t think we’ll be able to keep this with us through security etc so we can use the pushchair up to steps of plane then pack it into bag at the gate? I assume we can otherwise it’s only worth taking a pushchair travel bag if you’re checking in your pushchair!

    Thanks so much.

    1. Hi Elaine,

      Thanks for the enquiry – airlines actually want you to use, and prefer that you use travel bags for your buggies and even better that you pack the pram at the gate for the ground handling staff! It saves them time, it protects your buggy and therefore helps prevent potential damage and cost for the airlines. In fact, Ryanair state in their small print that buggies should be ‘adequately packed’.
      I know the bugaboo travel bag, and it is big, but you should not have any trouble at all bringing it through security. Our customers come through Dublin with them all the time. You will have to put it through the scanner, along with the buggy so keep that in mind, but otherwise there shouldn’t be any problems at all.
      Hope this helps,


  38. Hi there
    I am traveling to Milan in 2 weeks times with my 1.5 year old. We are not planning to carry any infant equipment apart from stroller. We have 2 strollers – one is bulky like this one . Not sure if it is classified as ‘FULLY’ Collapsible but I can seperate seat and chassis. This stoller one is more comfy. The other one is an umbrella type push chair – easier for travel (compact) but very comfortable for the little one. What do you recommend and how do I pack it ?

  39. Hi!

    We have just booked our flights with Ryanair to Portugal in June.
    Great info here-thanks so much!
    Just one random question that I couldn’t find an answer to-be are about to move our lb from his maxi cosi to a larger rf seat- to be purchased this week. We are hiring a car so want to bring the seat wit us. My query is-can I repack the seat into its original packaging and box and bring it with us like that? Rather than bubble wrapping etc. Just thought this might be safer but would it be too big to bring to the gate and put into the hold?
    Hoping you can help!

    1. Hi Sarah,

      You will more than likely need to check it in as oversize luggage (for free) and not be able to carry it to the gate. You can bring the buggy to the gate and if it’s a travel system, you can bring the car seat if it is clicked in to the buggy, but not a stage one seat. (We recommend the Britax MaxFix rearward facing seat by the way, it’s fantastic!).
      You could put it in the original box, but I would also bubble wrap it as a cardboard box might not stand up to falling off the luggage belts or being mishandled in transit, or getting wet, as we’ve seen a lot at Dublin Airport.

      Hope this helps,


  40. Hi,
    your website is so helpful!
    I will be traveling with my baby on ryanair. Have 1 push chair and 1 car seat.
    I accidentally purchased 1 extra baby equipment and i’m wondering if this can be a small suitcase of baby stuff? Or does it have to be an actual piece of baby equipment like a cot, pram etc? Many thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Isa, apologies for the delay in getting back to you, I hope it’s not too late. I can’t actually answer the question as it’s really to do with baggage fees and charges, s I would check with Ryanair before you fly… you just never know with them. Sorry I can’t help more.

  41. Hi Olivia,
    Hoping you get this in time! I am travelling with my 18 month old this Friday. We purchased an item for transporting baby IN the car seat (it’s called a GoGoBaby TravelDeluxe) whereby the carseat is strapped to a flat plastic board on wheels basically, with a handle to push like a stroller. My question is, as we should be able to check this in as a stroller of sorts and wheel it to the gate for it to then go in the hold – where can we bubble wrap it for safety? I need to be able to place baby into carseat to wheel through airport as I’ll have other bags to carry (and I’m pregnant!) but I’m worried about the carseat and GoGoBaby unit getting damaged if it’s not bubblewrapped? Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Edel,

      Thanks for the inquiry – I can’t speak for all airports, but if you are flying through Dublin Airport you’d have to bring the bubble wrap with you as there is nowhere to bubble wrap a car seat once you go airside. I can understand your concern at the equipment getting damaged as we see it happen a lot here. It is less likely to be damaged if you are leaving it at the aircraft steps and collecting it from there as opposed to the baggage belt, but ideally you would wrap it or protect it in some way before it’s loaded. Another suggestion is that you use a baby sling to get through the airport and check the equipment in already packaged? On another note, if you do bring it and it is damaged, report it immediately at the airline desk in the arrivals hall (don’t leave the airport and report it at home, it’ll delay the claims process), keep all your ticket stubs and boarding cards etc. To be fair to Ryanair, they don’t actually break equipment that often compared to some of the other airlines… Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

  42. Hi,
    I have booked an extra comfort seat for my almost 2 year old. I know I am allowed a 5kg baby bag for her, but could this be a trunki? As long as it doesn’t way more than 5kg? I can’t find a size allowance anywhere for the baby bag and wondered if this would be allowed. Thanks for your help.

    1. Hi Erica,
      If you have an extra seat and your child is under two, you will need to get a harness for her – Amsafe Harness or similar. The 5kg baby bag is generally speaking a nappy bag to allow parents bring spare nappies, milk bottles, spare set of clothes etc. If you have an extra seat, than you will have the normal allocated luggage allowance of two cabin bags, and so long as the trunki fits into the overhead lockers, that should be fine to bring as one of the bags.
      Hope this helps.

  43. Hi,

    We are traveling with child 3+ years old. And we want to take a Car Seat.
    So as I understand i can take a Car seat for free of charge only need to select that i want to take Baby seat during online Check-in?

    1. Hi Oleg,
      That’s correct. You are allowed to take 2 pieces of equipment for free so you can bring a car seat as part of that. Make sure to bubble wrap it or protect it with a bag!

  44. Thanks for this great post.
    I recently had a live chat with Ryanair who said that for the additional piece of checked baby equipment (20kilos purchased for £10 each way) you COULD take a bag containing clothes, toys etc. This contradicts what you suggested in earlier posts so I wondered if this had changed or if I’ve been misinformed by Ryanair? Thank you

    1. Hi Anna, yes if you are purchasing an extra bag, you can put whatever you like in it! I was refering to the two pieces of baby equipment which you are entitled to take for free and the ‘nappy bag’ which you are also allowed to take for free.

      1. Oh I see, that’s brilliant news, thank you for your reply! So , even though it’s classed as ‘baby equipment’ (i.e. cheaper than purchasing additional standard luggage) it can actually be a suitcase with all baby’s clothes etc in? They’re missing a trick there ?
        Thanks again

  45. Hello,
    I have read the article and the comments, many thanks for the useful info.
    We are traveling for the first time with our son, almost 2 years old from RO to DE ( needles to say we are stressed about the trip ). I have purchased a comfort seat for my son, and the Ryanair staff linked my seat to his. Still want to check with you the following questions:
    1. Bags for infant comfort seat are allowed or not?
    2. Isn’t the seat belt enough , should we purchase an extra harness?
    3. Could you please help me and tell me if “Chicco eletta car seat” is approved by Ryanair?

    1. Hi,
      Related to my message above: Ryanair that responded at the live chat , told me that at the take off and the landing of the aircraft i must place the infant in my lap, in rest i don’t need to use a car seat or an extra harness. But still I want to check with you.
      Wish you a nice day,

    2. Hi Ancuta,

      I think you might want to double check with Ryanair, as most airlines require children with their own seat, under the age of two to use an Amsafe Harness….and I’m fairly sure Ryanair do too. I don’t know about the Chicco car seat you mentioned is aircraft approved, but it should have a label or sticker on it that says so. I don’t know what you mean by bags for infant comfort seat?

      1. Hi Olivia,
        Many thanks for your kind help, I will double check with them for the Amsafe Harness. At the first question I wanted to ask your opinion about the luggage for the purchased infant comfort seat. Does it have it’s standard luggage of 10kg ? I am not sure if I understood correctly their rules for this situation. I understood that I do not have any luggage in the flight ticket for the infant comfort seat.
        Wish you a nice day, and thank you very much for your time,

  46. Hi,

    I am travelling from Leeds/Bradford to Malaga with Ryanair. I have a 5 year old and a 2 year old, can I bring both car booster seats for free? I don’t want to bring them inside the aircraft, just check them in with the 1 holdall luggage bag we have

    One seat weighs 3kg the other weight 12kg

    Can I also bag them up separately so that they are easy to handle and carry around?

    1. Hi Chris

      Yes, you can bring two free pieces of equipment so the car seats qualify. You can’t bring them on board unless the seats are aircraft approved, so you will need to check them in and I would strongly advise that you properly bag them to protect them from damage while in the aircraft hold and on baggage belts. Also, make sure to check them thoroughly on arrival and before you leave the baggage hall for damage and make sure you report it to the airline desk, again before you leave the baggage hall. Have a nice holiday!

  47. Hi Olivia

    I am flying with my baby of 11 months and i wanted to know two things. What size can the 5kg baby bag be? It does not say the dimensions on their website, I am considering taking a small suitcase / Rugsack weighing 5kg? I also wanted to know if I where to pay for an additional baby equipment (20kilos purchased for £10 each way) could this be a suitcase that I could put baby things into? As I know you’ve said in a previous comment that it cant be a suitcase but last week you told a flyer that they could get bring their suitcase as the additional baby equipment? Thanks

    1. Hi Jackie, thanks for the enquiry. The baby bag is essentially a nappy bag, a small carry bag for nappies, sudocream etc. With the previous enquiry, I misunderstand the question and thought she had purchased an additional check bag. So no, you can’t count a suitcase as a piece of baby equipment. The Ryanair website specifies equipment as buggy / car seat or travel cot.
      I don’t work for Ryanair, but if I were you, I would err on the side of caution and take it that the 20 kgs / £10 is for an additional piece of equipment and not bags. We did get feedback from another passenger who did the same thing and she was fine on the way out, but was charged for an additional bag on the way back. I hope this helps and please do let us know how you get on.

  48. That’s lovely Olivia thanks for coming back to me. I was onto Ryanair this morning and they have told me its ok to take a small suitcase as a baby bag as long as it doesn’t exceed the 5kg limit. I will update this and let you know if it goes through or not as I know nothing is ever straight forward with Ryanair.

  49. Feedback from a fellow parent who made inquiries on this blog post and has kindly reported back to share her experiences with everyone… thanks Damian!
    We are now back,it was great trip. We have traveled from Timisoara, Romania to Dusseldorf Weeze
    Related to the infant comfort seat : we went to the airport ( after doing the online check in for us ) at the boarding gate and there did not appear the extra seat, . I have said that I paid for 3 seats . The operator sent me to the Ryanair office , in order to clear the situation and to receive the extra seat. After that , I have received a ticket and the extra seat number in the plane. At the take off and at the landing my son traveled in my lap, in rest he stayed in his own seat.
    When I did the online check in for the return flight , all was ok, I received the extra seat number with all the boarding passes.
    Regarding the luggage: we had the standard luggage + 1 bag for the baby and the pushchair and that was all, but I must say, that I didn’t ask the staff about it.
    At the return flight , at the boarding gate, the Ryanair staff told me that I must leave the pushchair to be taken to the hold of the aircraft, they didn’t leave us to take the pushchair to the aircraft. The staff from Dusseldorf was unkind with all the passengers, I had to carry the child in my arms, trough all the airport, and they deliberately kept us waiting like cows… This was a unpleasant experience.

    I wish you all the best, and I hope that this information helps

  50. Olivia, This is a fantastic blog. Reading through the blog itself & then reading the comments has answered a lot of questions for me.
    I’m going to Canaries with Ryanair as a family of 2 adults & 2 infants. (2 under 2). One baby will be 5 months when flying & is happy in arms or feeding. The other one will be 22 months & wants to be going, running, jumping – all the time !! We are bringing cheap foldaway buggies but no car seats, we’ll pack them & pad them with nappies & send them with suitcases, I’ll carry the small baby in my sling, the older child can walk with his dad to the gate.
    Both babies will be sitting on laps as they are under 2 but I see that Ryanair have the designated infant seats by the windows only so we will have to book seats one behind the other. I was wondering if it would be worth it to buy the infant comfort seat (or two) & how much more or less that buying an adult seat they are? Although we are frequent fliers, we have never taken babies before ! We are on a budget but would rather spend a bit for the comfort of the babies.
    we might be lucky & have a 1/2 empty flight but it could also be packed & we’d have them in arms for 4 hour flight !

    1. Hi Mandy

      Thanks for getting in contact – unfortunately I don’t have any answers for you. I’ve never heard that the designated infant seats are by the window – that must be new? I’m not sure at all about the infant comfort seat pricing, you’ll have to ask Ryanair directly… but I can imagine it would make life a lot easier if you do have a spare seat, especially if you have a busy toddler. Why would you need to sit behind each other though, surely a full row of 3 seats will do for the four of you, if the baby is happy to travel of your lap?
      Sorry I can’t be of more help,


      1. Hi Olivia, thanks for your reply. I’ve never traveled Ryanair with a baby before but I guess it is a new thing since many others have not heard of it before.
        When booking seats, the seat available show with the infant symbol only on the seats by the window. When I click on a window seat to add this seat for me but try to click on the seat beside me or on the isle, a warning comes up reading ‘Sorry, an infant can not sit here’. This would be the reason we would have to sit one behind the other so we would be somewhat close proximity.
        I’m considering getting the Amsafe CARES child restraint to put our toddler between us in the middle seat so we could have 3 seats to ourselves 🙂

        1. Hi Mandy, that sounds kinda weird… I’ll be talking to the Ryanair staff later and I’ll ask about that.

          Also, I know some airlines say that if you buy a seat and the child is under two, you MUST use and Amsafe harness, I think Ryanair request it, so definitely check that out if you are getting an extra seat!

  51. Hi,my baby will be 23 months 25 days when she travel by Ryanair.i purchased 2 years child ticket.At the time of purchasing they did not accept my child birth date.thats why I changed birth date.will it any problem?

    1. Hi Hazera, I don’t work for Ryanair so I can’t speak for them, but I would definitely call their help desk about that. I’ve no idea if they would check the date on the passport against the ticket, but I would recommend that you go directly to Ryanair and ask before you fly.

  52. Hello I’m travelling with my 4 month old next week and just want to confirm a couple of things. I am taking the pram wheels with the car seat attached. Can I take this all the way to the plane? Also am I correct In thinking I can take my handbag, a nappy bag and my carry-on suitcase for free? Thank you 🙂

    1. Hi Lauren

      Yes, you can take your handbag, a nappy bag and a carry-on. I’m not 100% sure about the chassis/car seat question, but I would imagine that you can because many buggies collapse in two pieces so what’s the difference if it’s a car seat or the pram seat? I would be careful though with the car seat and make sure you pack it, or put it in a bag of some sort.
      Let us know how you get on.


  53. Hi Olivia

    I am travelling with my 3 yo child. Hi has own sit allocated. Not sure how many peaces of luggage we are aloud to take on board apart of folded pushchair.
    Is it 2 cabin cases +2 small bags?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Olga, it really depends on the airline but most would allow a cabin bag and a sall bag per seat, so that’s correct in your case – HOWEVER (!!!) Ryanair have just changed their rules regarding bags and while I think you are allowed the same amounts you have to check wheelie bags in to the hold… but check with your specific airline!

  54. Hi Olivia,
    Im not sure if this is the right thread to be asking this question but anywhoo.. What is the procedure for bring babies bottles on board for feeds during flight? I will be travelling
    with my 8 month old. Do they have to be 100ml max, and can they be in babies bottles? Also do you know with the new Ryanair Handluggage rules- if your 10kg hand luggage now has to be checked in to go in the Hold does this mean it can now contain liquids greater than 100ml?
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Sinead,

      Good questions! I’m afraid I’m not up to date yet with the Ryanair baggage rules yet… must go find out!

      However, with regards to liquids and bottles etc… that’s still under the jurisdiction of airport security and not the airlines. You can bring baby bottles through security and as many as you need for the trip, but you will be asked to taste it by the screening staff. The Dublin Airport website has all the info here:

  55. Thank you so much for this article!! I have a question; does a toddler tricycle count as baby equipment?If so should i leave it in its own box completely dismantled? or better assembled? If not can i pack it into a suitcase and it goes as the 10kg cabin bag/suitcase?? (which acording to the new rules goes down into the aircraft storage space if you dont book priority and such….) We are visiting and it was a gift.. now I don’t know how to take it home. Thank you so much for all your work, have a nice day

    1. Hi Ines,

      I would double check with Ryanair if I were you, but I don’t think the tricycle can be classed as a free piece of equipment. They do specifically state on their website, pram / car seat / cot, and we had another customer recently who wanted to include her babywalker as a free piece of equipment and she came back and told us she wasn’t allowed. If it’s one of the ones that folds flat, you might be better off putting in to your cabin bag.

  56. Hello. I’m travelling with a baby and bringing two free items buggy and car seat and paying extra for a travel cot. Will the car seat have to be put it in hold or can I take it to the plane doors along with my buggy. Thank you

    1. Hi Nicole,

      Usually the airlines prefer you to put the car seat in the hold… and the car seat would have to have an airline approved sticker on it to be allowed in to the cabin. The sticker will either say CE and a number or it’ll say airline approved. The car seat also has to have a five point harness. If you do put it in the hold, my advice would be to try and protect it in some way – put it in a bag and stuff in a few towels or coats with it as a bit of extra padding… this “bag” is free still so handy if your regular cabin bag is over weight! Hope this helps.

      1. The thing is the car seat fits into my pram. As my baby is too small to sit it in the pram seat he has to sit in the buggy.

  57. Is a small bike for 3 years old a baby equipment? We usually take it instead of buggy, it is very helpful in long walking distances. On three different journeys we were allowed to take it for free, but once we were not .. on our journey back.. So I do not know what happens next time.

    1. Hi Maria, Ryanair specify car seat / pram and cot… so technically the small bike is not classed as a free piece of equipment. I think, from all the feedback we get, it really depends on the day and who you are dealing with unfortunately, exactly as you have described. They are not obliged to let you bring it for free, so it’s pot luck…sorry!

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