Car Seat Safety – Things you might not know…

Running The Stork Exchange has made me so much more aware of child car seat safety and how important it is to install a seat correctly. I get asked a tonne of questions by customers, especially as car seats vary hugely from country to country. We’ve attended numerous training workshops with Britax and Maxi Cosi so here’s a few pointers I’ve picked up along the way that I’d like to share.

Rearward facing wins hands down. In Ireland we tend to turn our children around at 13kg (approximately 12 months). In many countries, such as Scandinavia, it is possible to get rearward facing seats up to the age of 4 years. In Ireland however the seats are not easily available or affordable but hopefully this trend will catch on and become standard throughout Europe. Forward facing seats are very safe too, so long as they are installed correctly.

Rearward facing car seat is safer than forward facing
Rearward facing car seat is safer than forward facing
  • Isofix Vs Seatbelt?

Believe it or not, they are both equally as safe as the other, so long as they are installed correctly. The main advantage of Isofix is that it is easier to install correctly than a car seat installed with a seat belt, but in both cases it’s best to follow the instructions and guides provided to the letter.

Isofix car seat
Isofix car seat and one secured by seat belt are equally safe
  • Chest Clips

…are legal in America and illegal in Ireland and many European countries. Invented and used to prevent “Houdini Junior” breaking out of the harness whilst driving, but if in an accident they can cause severe injuries to the chest area. A solution is to always make sure the harness is tight against your child’s chest, you shouldn’t be able to put more than a finger between the harness and your child’s chest.

Car seat with chest clip
Car seat with chest clip not legal in Ireland
  • Booster Cushion Vs Highback Booster

Seatbelts are triggered by weight, and children are not heavy enough to trigger the seatbelt which is why we put them in car seats. If you are using a booster cushion your child is heavy enough to trigger the seatbelt. However, the advantage of a high back booster seat (which is available up to 36kg / 12 years of age) is that it has added side impact, head and back protection – so where is the debate?

High back booster seat
High back booster seat offers more protection than booster cushion
  • Pinch and Wiggle…

One of my customers told me this little trick, to make sure the seat and your child are installed correctly. Pinch the harness to see if it’s tight enough, if you can pinch more than an inch, that’s not good (is it ever!) so tighten it again. Once installed and with the child inside, try wiggling the seat forwards and backwards, with your left hand (if your right handed or your right hand if you’re left handed). The seat shouldn’t move too much either way, and if it does, tighten it again!

If you need any advice on car seats, feel free to get in touch with us.

2 thoughts on “Car Seat Safety – Things you might not know…

  1. Hi, I am travelling to America next week and I had planned to bring my maxi cosi car seat and strap it in with the seatbelt when we get there. However, some people are saying this isnt possible. I cant understand why it wont work or is it that the seatbelt isnt long enough? Do you have any idea? Im finding it very difficult to find information and I am going to surprise my sister who has just moved so I cant ask her either. I would be delighted if you had any information on this?
    Thanks a million

    1. Hi Norrie, thanks for the enquiry. I’m not sure why you wouldn’t be able to use the car seat in the US. I know in Australia it is very strict and you wouldn’t be allowed to bring Irish seats there, but I’ve never heard that with the States. Rather than risk it, there is a company called babierge who rent equipment all over the States, you could try them? Sorry I’m not much help, I would imagine you’d be fine with your seat but I couldn’t definitively say so.

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