Summer Camps

After juggling my way through the Easter holidays, the summer break looms large on my horizon and I plan on being prepared, and sane, this summer! The thought of having the kids sitting around all summer is a great motivator so I’ve been googling around and there are some really cool summer camps on offer.

Summer Camp
Arts n Crafts at Summer CampThe costs…

The average cost of a week’s summer camp is €110 per child, with many offering discounts for second children. For our family – 2 kids, 8 weeks at average €110 a child is €1,760 altogether, which is nice (splutter, choke!) Some summer camps are subsidised so it’s worth asking in local community centres or sport’s clubs etc. The county councils will also run children’s events such as the ‘Parks Tennis’ initiative (see below), so check out your local county council website for more local information.

As with all business, check the fine print. Some summer camps run half days only – either mornings or afternoons, some offer snacks (most don’t) and some are four-day-week camps only.

Lego Camp

Three age groups starting with Junior Engineers (6 – 8 years) from 10am to 2pm at €105 per child at a large variety of locations. This is a more expensive summer camp but it looks fantastic. I am gutted because my son is too young for this camp as he is lego obsessed… It ticks all the right boxes – the kids think they are ‘playing’ and the parents think they are honing their mechanical engineering and construction skills – everybody wins! Available at various locations throughout the country. Information on their website –  


This is one for the girls really. This summer will be the third Starcamp my daughter has gone to and she loves it. You can expect them coming home singing Taylor Swift, hand on hip and flouncing out of the room. At €90 a week, it comes in below average,  it’s nationwide, and the kids love it. 80% girls, although open to boys too of course, ages 4-13, suitable for budding Beyonce’s and dodgy crooners alike!

Start: 04/07 End: 19/08 Times: 9:30 – 2:30pm Admission: €90, €160 x 2 siblings, €220 x 3 siblings

Anyone for Tennis?
Anyone for Tennis?


Parks Tennis

Not a summer camp and certainly not gonna cover parental work hours, but worth a mention all the same. It’s nationwide for a start and a great way to see if your children might actually like tennis without investing a fortune. it’s an hour’s tennis coaching a day for either two weeks or one month at between €30 / €40. See for more information.


Spy Camp

“Ultimate Spy and CSI Training on board the coolest bus in Ireland.” This looks like fun and it’s something a little bit different for those who might be bored of the traditional sport / arts n’craft summer camps but Buyer Be Ware: this is only 2½ hours a day at €100 per child, so it’s double the average cost of most camps. Laser maze missions, bomb deactivation against the clock, target practice, covert missions using the latest cool spy gadgets. Spy Camp for ages 4 – 7 & 8 -12. Teen Spy and CSI for ages 13 – 17. Located at Blanchardstown Centre, Dublin 15, Dundrum and Swords.
Start: 20/06 End: 22/08 Times: 3 Time slots per day Admission: €100 per child

Let’s Go Summer Camp

This looks like it’s a real activity based summer camp… it’ll have the kids running around all day! Again it’s in various locations and activities include the roller racers, disco dome and high energy assault course – whatever they entail it sounds busy. Suitable for ages 5 to 13, it starts at 9am through til 3.30pm. First child €100, second child €85

Summer Camp Fun

DCU Sports Summer Camp

DCU offer a great sports-based summer camp for five weeks of the summer, essentially the month of July. They have great full day and half day rates, to suit the working and non-working parent alike. It costs €95 per child for the half day option (9.30am to 2.30pm) and they have an early bird rate of €135 for the full time option.  Courses start from the 29th June until the 31st of July.



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