Burrow Beach, Howth

Burrow Beach, Howth, Co. Dublin

One of my favourite beaches in Dublin – Burrow Beach or ‘the hole in the wall’ as we called it when I was a kid, don’t ask me why. Get to it from behind Howth Dart Station or nip in one of the secret entrances along Burrow Road; it’s a beautiful beach that runs from Howth harbour all the way along to Sutton Golf Club, if the tides right. With views of the harbour at one end, all the way along the coast to Malahide, Ireland’s Eye island is in front of you and Lambay in the distance.

Hazy Day at Burrow Beach

Pack a picnic, beach ball, frisbee, buckets and spades, boules and spend the day there. There is a strong current here though, so make sure the little ones play in the shallows in front of the life guard station. It’s especially lovely on a summer’s evening when the day trippers have gone home and the sailing boats are racing just in front of the island, or in the winter when it’s empty save the odd walker. We usually wait until the tide is out and walk up to the harbour in the evening for a Beshoff’s fish and chips dinner.  Guaranteed to have the kids snoring in the car on the way home after all the fresh air and exercise!

Cartwheels on the sand
Mind your toes!
If I won the lottery, I’d live on this road!

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