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Vikings in Dublin

A school friend of mine is back from Australia for a visit with her kids, who are the same age as mine, which is handy. We were trying to think of activities to do with them and Katharine suggested Viking Splash Tours. I have seen the big yellow tour bus around Dublin a gazillion times now but never set foot on it, so I though, sure why not?! Lets be tourists in Dublin for the day!

We headed into town on a rainy morning and met at the departure point on Stephen’s Green. If we hadn’t the tickets already booked I imagine I would’ve persuaded them into a nice, dry, warm cafe but alas that was not to be! The bus does have a retractable roof but no windows so you are protected from downpours but you could get hit from the sides! Fortunately we were appropriately dressed (fellow parents coming from warmer climbs take note – rain gear is essential, even in the middle of “summer”!) Our tour guide Conor was very funny, lots of sarcastic humor and interaction with the group… it’s definitely NOT the tour to go on if you are looking to learn about Dublin’s history…. it’s more a lot of wit with a sprinkle of history. Having said that, both Katharine and I both exchanged glances at facts we learned about our native city that we never knew! The kids loved it, especially the big kids in the group (ahem, Michael).

Viking Splash Tour Route Around Dublin


You get to wear silly hats and shout at passers-by, aka the ‘Celts’! The best bit was when the tour ‘bus’ turned into a boat for a little trip around Grand Canal Dock – quite a novel experience and my son Nicholas nearly exploded with the excitement!


vikings in dublin

The tour probably lasts just over an hour and leaves every 30 minutes during peak seasons. Tickets are available on their website It’s not the cheapest but it is certainly very entertaining for adults and kids. We followed up with a lovely lunch in KC Peaches on the green, and then popped into Stephen’s Green to feed the ducks and play in the playground for a couple of hours.

Far too lovely to be a Viking!

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