Viking Splash Tours


Vikings in Dublin

A school friend of mine is back from Australia for a visit with her kids, who are the same age as mine, which is handy. We were trying to think of activities to do with them and Katharine suggested Viking Splash Tours. I have seen the big yellow tour bus around Dublin a gazillion times now but never set foot on it, so I though, sure why not?! Lets be tourists in Dublin for the day!

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The safest child seat positions.

We don’t have any specific laws in Ireland dictating the safest child seat positions in the car, probably because it depends on the make and model of both the car and the child seat. That said, preferably not in the front seat and if you really have to, remember to switch off the AIRBAG if it’s a rearward facing seat. Otherwise you can position a child seat anywhere in the back… BUT depending on the car there are a few things to consider before installing the seat. Here are some guidelines.  Continue reading The safest child seat positions.

Summer Camps

After juggling my way through the Easter holidays, the summer break looms large on my horizon and I plan on being prepared, and sane, this summer! The thought of having the kids sitting around all summer is a great motivator so I’ve been googling around and there are some really cool summer camps on offer. Continue reading Summer Camps

Egg hunts: 5 of our favourites

Easter, in kids eyes, is all about the chocolate…. and oh boy, the Easter bunny knows how to deliver this Easter break! There are some great family events on and egg hunts to keep even the serious chocoholics happy throughout the (long) Easter holidays! Ditch the diet and have some fun – you can always invent your own egg hunts at home, but here are a few good ones that are organised in Dublin. Continue reading Egg hunts: 5 of our favourites

Car Rental: 8 Common Problems

Car rental remind me of the world of politics – there’s a haze of public mistrust around both and a shared lack of transparency. Worse still, car rental goes hand in hand with car insurance, as murky a combination as a politician say… and a developer! When you’re renting a car, you think you’ve booked and paid for everything, but actually when you arrive at the car hire desk, there’s always a little surprise waiting! In the interest of ‘Buyer Beware’ we’ve put together the 8 most common problems we’ve witnessed at car rental companies. Continue reading Car Rental: 8 Common Problems