Car Rental: 8 Common Problems

Car rental remind me of the world of politics – there’s a haze of public mistrust around both and a shared lack of transparency. Worse still, car rental goes hand in hand with car insurance, as murky a combination as a politician say… and a developer! When you’re renting a car, you think you’ve booked and paid for everything, but actually when you arrive at the car hire desk, there’s always a little surprise waiting! In the interest of ‘Buyer Beware’ we’ve put together the 8 most common problems we’ve witnessed at car rental companies. Continue reading Car Rental: 8 Common Problems

Flying Long Haul with Young Children

Allow me introduce Gillian McGoey and Donal Fitzpatrick and their three year old son Bryan. Gillian has kindly reported back on her recent trip to Australia for us in this special guest blog. It’s a really honest and insightful account of the journey and I hope, useful for anyone considering flying long haul flight with young children:) Continue reading Flying Long Haul with Young Children

Airport and Airline Awards

Traveling BC (Before Children) was all about the destination – sites to see, things to do, different cultures and experiences etc…. It’s just one of the small indicators of how much your life changes, when you find your holiday destination or travel routes dictated by the length of time spent on an airplane! Continue reading Airport and Airline Awards

Car seats on airplanes?

I get asked this question a lot, and it’s not an easy one to answer. Given that it is in my interest to promote hiring a seat on arrival I declare my bias. However, to answer the question “Should I bring car seats on airplanes?” … not if you can help it and here’s 6 reasons why.
Continue reading Car seats on airplanes?

Family’s First with Aer Lingus

Aer Lingus Family First service, certainly goes a long way to make families comfortable… so what exactly is on offer? We’ve gone through the fine print, asked at the desks and peeked behind the scenes at Dublin Airport to see how Aer Lingus look after their youngest passengers, and we think they do pretty well. Here are 6 things to note: Continue reading Family’s First with Aer Lingus

Travelling Ryanair with Small Children?

All airlines have different policies regarding flying with infants and small children and the carriage of equipment such as strollers and car seats. Here are 6 things every parent should know when travelling Ryanair with small children. Continue reading Travelling Ryanair with Small Children?

Dublin Airport and 5 Things Worth Knowing.

Since setting up shop at Dublin Airport, it’s been a bag of surprises and some. The things I’ve noticed that as a regular passenger I never knew before, and as a parent of small children would definitely want to know….so with my Good Samaritan hat on, I’ve noted down some of the more useful ones. Continue reading Dublin Airport and 5 Things Worth Knowing.