The safest child seat positions.

We don’t have any specific laws in Ireland dictating the safest child seat positions in the car, probably because it depends on the make and model of both the car and the child seat. That said, preferably not in the front seat and if you really have to, remember to switch off the AIRBAG if it’s a rearward facing seat. Otherwise you can position a child seat anywhere in the back… BUT depending on the car there are a few things to consider before installing the seat. Here are some guidelines.  Continue reading The safest child seat positions.

Car Seat Safety: 5 Installation Mistakes

According to the Irish Road Safety Authority, 3 out of 4 car seats are fitted incorrectly. A scary thought for the most important piece of safety equipment you will buy for your child. Car seat safety is top of the agenda at The Stork Exchange and over the years, we’ve seen the same mistakes repeated over and over. We’ve listed the top 5 most common installation mistakes people make, and how to remedy them. Continue reading Car Seat Safety: 5 Installation Mistakes

Car seats on airplanes?

I get asked this question a lot, and it’s not an easy one to answer. Given that it is in my interest to promote hiring a seat on arrival I declare my bias. However, to answer the question “Should I bring car seats on airplanes?” … not if you can help it and here’s 6 reasons why.
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Car Seat Safety – Things you might not know…

Running The Stork Exchange has made me so much more aware of child car seat safety and how important it is to install a seat correctly. I get asked a tonne of questions by customers, especially as car seats vary hugely from country to country. We’ve attended numerous training workshops with Britax and Maxi Cosi so here’s a few pointers I’ve picked up along the way that I’d like to share.

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