Christmas Invasion! How to prepare for Grandkids visits!

The big visit… when your kids and grandkids make the trip home for Christmas and move in for a few weeks over the festive season. The prospect of it can stir up a real mixed bag of emotions from excitement and anticipation to anxiety and feeling exhausted before they’ve even arrived! Planning and preparation is the key, so here are a few tips to help you get organised in order to make the holiday, and their stay, smoother and more enjoyable… Continue reading Christmas Invasion! How to prepare for Grandkids visits!

The Causey Farm Santa “Experience”

A visit to Santa has changed so much since I was a young ‘un. It used to be a very long queue that snaked its way across the floor of Clery’s in Dublin. A hop up on Santa’s knee for all of about 35 seconds and you were packed off with a wrapped present. These days a visit to Santa isn’t really just a visit anymore. It’s an ‘experience’. So last year we decided to go the whole hog and experience it! Continue reading The Causey Farm Santa “Experience”

Reindeers are better than People…


Feeling bad after my giving out about Santa’s Grottos… so I’ve found some positive inspiration from Sven here, who will be in the Phoenix Park, along with his relatives for the month of December. It’s not an automatic association ‘Ireland and Reindeers, but Phoenix Park have loads, and you can get right up close to them too! Now that I think of it, Newbridge House have a few there too… there’s probably loads more places I don’t know about so if you know of any more please leave it in the comments below.

If I remember correctly Phoenix Park do Christmas with kids very well. I think there’s usually a Christmas market and they are great for family events – Gingerbread-Men-Making competitions and Reindeer Feeding…Definitely worth visiting, although me-thinks advance booking for some events are necessary. Here’s a link…

Dublin – Meet Rudolphs Relatives In The Park!