Viking Splash Tours


Vikings in Dublin

A school friend of mine is back from Australia for a visit with her kids, who are the same age as mine, which is handy. We were trying to think of activities to do with them and Katharine suggested Viking Splash Tours. I have seen the big yellow tour bus around Dublin a gazillion times now but never set foot on it, so I though, sure why not?! Lets be tourists in Dublin for the day!

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Egg hunts: 5 of our favourites

Easter, in kids eyes, is all about the chocolate…. and oh boy, the Easter bunny knows how to deliver this Easter break! There are some great family events on and egg hunts to keep even the serious chocoholics happy throughout the (long) Easter holidays! Ditch the diet and have some fun – you can always invent your own egg hunts at home, but here are a few good ones that are organised in Dublin. Continue reading Egg hunts: 5 of our favourites

Christmas Invasion! How to prepare for Grandkids visits!

The big visit… when your kids and grandkids make the trip home for Christmas and move in for a few weeks over the festive season. The prospect of it can stir up a real mixed bag of emotions from excitement and anticipation to anxiety and feeling exhausted before they’ve even arrived! Planning and preparation is the key, so here are a few tips to help you get organised in order to make the holiday, and their stay, smoother and more enjoyable… Continue reading Christmas Invasion! How to prepare for Grandkids visits!

The Causey Farm Santa “Experience”

A visit to Santa has changed so much since I was a young ‘un. It used to be a very long queue that snaked its way across the floor of Clery’s in Dublin. A hop up on Santa’s knee for all of about 35 seconds and you were packed off with a wrapped present. These days a visit to Santa isn’t really just a visit anymore. It’s an ‘experience’. So last year we decided to go the whole hog and experience it! Continue reading The Causey Farm Santa “Experience”

Holidays in Ireland with kids?

Whether you are a new visitor or returning home for a visit, holidays in Ireland with kids is a very different experience! The usual rules don’t apply; you can’t drag a three year old around town shopping, or bring them along for lunch with the girls, restaurants become tricky and pub sessions are definitely out..yet the kids do require a bit of entertaining, so what to do? Dubliner and Mum of two, Olivia Mai gives us the inside scoop on what local families do during the summer months in Ireland. Continue reading Holidays in Ireland with kids?

Halloween at Dublin Airport


Fair dues to the DAA, they have really made a good effort to get into the spirit of Halloween (pardon the pun). The entire airport is decked out in Halloween paraphernalia! Orange and black balloons fill the halls and every corner has a spider crawling through cobwebs or scary witches brewing spells in cauldrons. I took my kids on a little tour yesterday, admittedly we had nothing else to do, but it was pretty good fun. Continue reading Halloween at Dublin Airport

4 Great Family Activities for September

Get Outdoors with the Kids this September.

outdoor blog image

This is the best time of the year to get out and about in Ireland. You’ll notice all the activities I’ve picked are all outdoor, basically because the weather in my memory is generally fresh, clear and sunny! Add to that the fact that summer madness is over and there are less queues and people everywhere… it’s the perfect time of year in Ireland. Here are my top 4 outdoor family activities for September, one for each weekend this month! Continue reading 4 Great Family Activities for September