Dublin’s Top Playgrounds

When I go to a playground I have three requirements, firstly that the playground is well-kept, ie no broken glass or worse hiding in the Wendy house etc, secondly that the equipment caters for different age groups and thirdly that there is good take away coffee nearby! So here are my Dublin top 5 playgrounds, in no particular order… Continue reading Dublin’s Top Playgrounds

Away with the Faeries!


You know they exist – faeries, they really do. Anya’s seen them with her own eyes…. I missed the little thing, but Anya explained to me that “that’s because you’re too big Mummy, you can only see butterflies, but really they are fairies.” Since the Irish Fairy Door Company set up, the loveliest craze has started for fairy doors and all things winged and Tinkerbell!  It’s really captured my daughter’s imagination so much so we went all the way to Corkagh Park, which is quite a trek from the north side, to see the ‘Fairy Woods, created by the Irish Fairy Door Company.

Irish Fairy Door Company

The “woods” itself is actually tiny, but well worth the trip. Anya absolutely loved it, she closed her eyes tight and hugged the wishing tree, she put her hands on the worry plaque and miraculously all her five year old worries disappeared – they really did Mummy! And then we got to the fairy village – high up in trees, lots of tiny, brightly coloured doors. They’ve put name plates beside the doors so we know who lives there and what they do, like Twinkle, who looks after the stars and makes sure they twinkle at night.

There’s also a very big playground and lots of space in the park for picnics and footballs etc. They had a petting farm, which was closed when we were there but may be open for the summer. You could spend the entire afternoon here easily.

For information on how to get there and opening times – look up Corkagh Park Fairy or this link

http://www.sdublincoco.ie/index.aspx?pageid=939&pid=28497. And for Fairy Door stockists, because I guarantee you will want one after visiting the woods, theirishfairydoorcompany.com