Right now I’m sitting in my home office, I’ve closed the door on the mess that is in every room of the house, my seven-year-old daughter is upstairs playing, my four-year-old son has just tipped a massive box of lego all over the floor… so I’ve got about 40 minutes to tell you ‘About Me’, marks, get set, go…

About Me

Seeing as this is the ‘About Me’ page, allow me introduce myself! My name is Olivia, I live in Dublin with my husband Bartek and our two kids, Anya and Nicholas. I’m the founder of the business and I’ll be the one doing the “talking” throughout these blogs! I love living in Ireland, I also love escaping it. The weather here doesn’t bother me too much…I turn pink and melt when it gets too warm anyway. I love sea swimming and am fairly obsessed with getting ‘fresh air’, I think it’s an Irish thing, like putting sugar in your tea if you’ve had a shock… anyways, you sleep better apparently.  I love the buzz of working at the airport, I love going through security and being airside with everyone travelling abroad, and always feel a little bit like I was ‘spat out’ when I come back through security landside!!

When in Rome…Do as Dubliners do!

Seeing as I am a Dubliner and many of you are visiting Dublin and / or Ireland with the kids, I’ll sprinkle in as many photo stories and ‘things-to-do’, all from a local perspective. I’ll try and include items on family friendly restaurants, great day’s out and activities for families, and maybe even the odd night out suggestions, if you manage to get a babysitter while you are here! With two small kids myself I don’t get out much these days… but this could be the excuse I was looking for! If there’s anything in particular you are looking for, send in a message and I’ll see what I can do…all in the name of research:)

Lego all over the floor – but I got my half an hour!